Check, Please! | Julie (Newbie waitress) | I hear an accent productions 

Lead Actress


My name is Marine Assaiante and I'm a New York City-based actress, originally from Paris (France). I speak both English and French fluently. I've been training and acting in Paris for 10 years and had my own theatre company producing plays before deciding to move to NY 5 years ago. I’m currently working on the web series 21st Century Demon Hunter season 1.5 and on my web series CHECK, PLEASE! I also recently written and performed a one woman show about the Hollywood Icon Hedy Lamarr called Hedy Lamarr: Born in Ecstasy. 

Height: 5”4

Weight: 136lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: DK Brown


Location: New York, NY 

About Me

21st Century Demon Hunter | Priscilla (Audacious Agent) | C L Squared Productions


The Holidays/The Egos | Marine (Angry /Sassy friend) | ENV Pictures 

Guest-Star Actress

442 Nisei Soldiers | Jacqueline (widow of an officer) | Independent Film

Special Skills

Lead Actress

tThe Act of Killing | Josephine (Business woman) | Independent TV Show

Lead Actress

Cedric | Arianne (Depressed girlfriend) | Independent Film

Lead Actress 

Brutes | Julie (Angry lover) | Film Cours Anna Production

Lead Actress

Get Free | Marina (Passionate secretary) | Art Vos Souhaits Company 

Lead Actress / NY shorts film festival 2017 & Holly shorts film Festival 2017 

Two Feet Under | Eve (Escort girl) | Independent Film

Supporting Actress

FAAAIL web serie | Maud (Sassy woman) | Blackcat Productions

Guest-Star Actress

Le Prochain | Céline (Kidnapped woman) | Not 2 Bad Production


( Valid passeport & GREEN CARD holder ) 

Languages (English, French),

Accents and dialects (French accent, Parisian accent in French, Southern french accent in french),

Dance (New Burlesque (winning Public Award), Modern jazz),


Instrument (Piano),

Sports (Ski, Aerobics, Tennis, Badminton, Bowling, Ping Pong, Swimming),

Directing (Eight plays with my theatre company in Paris, and a short movie GET FREE (NY shorts Festival and Hollyshorts Festival 2017 selection)

Producing and writing the web series CHECK, PLEASE! (18 Festivals selections and 6 Awards so far including Best Lead Actress) 

Supporting Actress

Theatre/Off Broadway/Off off Broadway/ Regional 

Hedy Lamarr: Born in Ecstasy | (Hedy Lamarr (Hollowood Icon) | United Solo Festival

Off Broadway 

Wicked Farce | Amanda (Assertive co-worker) | The Actor's Project NYC 

Off Broadway 

Imaginary Tales | Lisa (Sassy woman) | The Actor's Project NYC

Off Broadway

Sketch of NY | Multiple characters | Director Joe Dinozzi, NY

Off Off Broadway

The Fear Festival | Miranda (Sexy vampire) | The Roebuck Theatre, NY

Off Off Broadway

Showcaseopolis | Marine (Sassy women) | Director Gabrielle Berberich, NY

You can't take it with you Kolenkhova (Dance teacher) Director Brett Golstein, NY

24 Hour Theatre Festival Stacey (Crazy woman) Standard ToyKraft, Brooklyn

The Maids | Claire (Dangerous sister) | National Tour, France 

Cat among the pigeons | Lucette (Diva singer) | National Tour, France 

Ile & Châtiments | Vera (Mysterious woman) National Tour, France 

Training & Workshops

Commercial Intensive | Barry Shapiro | Group Coaching, NY 

Accent Elimination/voice | Lenore Harris | Private Coaching, NY

Shakespeare and voice | Patsy Robenburg | Group coaching, NY


Acting Intensive Two-year Conservatory Michael Howard Studios, NY 


Acting for film and TV | Gabrielle Berberich Michael Howard Studios, NY 


Text Analysis | Polina Klimovitskaya Michael Howard Studios, NY 


Acting fo Films, TV & Stage Jack Waltzer | Group Coaching, Paris


Acting Intensive Hélène Zidi-Chéruy | Laboratoire de l'Acteur, Paris


Acting Intensive Three-year Conservatory | Cours Florent, Paris


Master College Degree in Law Five years program | University Renée Descartes, Paris